XRI Trigger Pump Capper / ERI Trigger Pump Capper

XRI/ERI Series Trigger Pump Cappers

The PMC “XRI” Series Trigger Capper will sort, orient and apply all styles of trigger pumps. The “ERI” Series Trigger Capper contains the same features but on a larger format, which can produce higher outputs and accommodate larger containers.
Speeds to suit your needs, up to 300 per minute.

ERI - Series


  • High output rotary action operates with continuous motion and gives years of trouble-free service.
  • PMC patented guidance system mechanically controls diptube curvature and guides tubes positively into containers.
  • New advanced design PMC patented sorting system handles all types of trigger pumps efficiently and gently, feeding them in an oriented position to the Capper.
  • Trigger pumps are held positively with non-marking chucks and are applied to the containers.
  • Spindle action and all mechanical movements are positively controlled by cams.
  • PMC patented trigger pump Orienter gently orients the triggers while eliminating pumps without diptubes.
  • Sorter is equiped with PMC patented automatic jam-clearing which recylces the cleared pumps back into the Bulk Supply Bin.
  • Machine includes complete overload protection and safety interlocks.
  • Through machine by-pass of containers.
  • Floor level Supply Bin specially designed to handle trigger pumps, equipped with automatic controls, makes for operator-free system.
  • Change Parts are color-coded and designed for quick changeover with minimal use of tools.
  • Barrier design Tabletop for machine washdown.
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XRI Trigger Pump Capper / ERI Trigger Pump Capper