PMC manufactures a full line of mechanical sorting systems to handle a wide range of components.

  • Lotion, Finger and Foamer Pumps
  • Perfume Pumps – Crimp & Crimpless
  • Trigger Sprayers
  • Screw Caps - Round, Oval
  • Snap-On Caps
  • Nasal Plugs
  • Aerosol Valve – Magnetic, Non-Magnetic, with or without diptubes
  • Nail Polish Brushes
  • Overcaps

The Sorters are gentle and highly efficient; many models are available to provide feed rates in excess of 300/min.

With Change Parts, one sorting system is capable of handling a wide range of different components. This versatility allows for future component changes and eliminates the need for multiple Sorters.

PMC offers a Bulk Supply Bin which is constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel. When used with our Sorters, it automatically supplies the Sorter upon demand, maintaining maximum efficiency. Many designs are available to suit specific needs.

Please contact PMC for additional information and/or to discuss your specific applications.

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