Nail Polish Capper CR Series

The PMC Nail Polish Capper can apply all styles of caps and brushes. The system consists of a Screw Capper and a Brush Inserter on the same monoblock frame. A Ball Feeder and/or Fitment Inserter is available and can be mounted to the same frame. Speeds available to suit your needs, up to 160 per minute.


  • High output rotary action operates with continuous motion and gives years of trouble-free service.
  • New advanced design PMC patented sorting system handles all types of nail polish caps efficiently and gently, feeding them in a positive manner to the Capper.
  • Caps are held positively with non-marking chucks and are applied with the required torque to the bottles.
  • System is capable of handling many different styles of caps, including brush caps.
  • Machine includes complete overload protection and safety interlocks.
  • Supply Bins equipped with automatic controls, makes for operator-free system.
  • Change Parts are color-coded and designed for quick changeover with minimal use of tools.
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Nail Polish Capper CR Series