On-Site Packaging Machine Services



PMC offers the services of a Field Service Technician to assist customers with the following:

  • On site training of operator and maintenance personnel
  • Installation of Replacement Parts
  • Installation and start up of Change Parts
  • Machine upgrades, modifications or conversions, as per quoted proposals


PMC maintains a Spare Parts Inventory for most of the machine parts that are frequently replaced due to wear. Others can be supplied with a rapid turnaround through our manufacturing facility.

PMC has full fabrication capabilities which covers virtually all of the parts required to build each machine. Parts that can not be fabricated by PMC are available through local vendors, to PMC, with which we have long-standing relationships (i.e., castings, sheet metal, etc.).

Change Parts are entirely fabricated by PMC and can be expedited as per customers’ needs.

Please contact PMC for additional information, and to discuss your specific application.

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On-Site Packaging Machine Services